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Please read the return policy before you make a purchase

Return Policy (also read our disclaimer)

1. No returns or refunds on purchases unless due to the following:

    a. Shipping Damage

    b. Manufacturing Defect found before usage.


To benefit our customers, we will not charge any additional fee or shipping charge for the replacement product due to the above stated reasons. See item 3 also.

Note: Contact us within 14 days after receiving the shipment to report any problems or defect in the product/service you purchased from us.



2. We cannot accept returns due to the following:

    a. Damage after usage or

    b. Damage due to incorrect usage

    c. Any other reason other than the above stated in 1.


   For these reasons please send the product to warranty service center (if applicable)

   mentioned in the warranty card.


3. Shipping Charges:

   a. For any refunds if applicable, shipping charges are not refundable unless due to the reasons stated in item 1 or if the shipping was free during sale.

   b. But shipping charges for product return from the customer to us for any reason  will not be refunded. 


4. Returns of unused units/items

   If any unit/item is returned unused with original packaging for reasons other than
   stated in #1 or #2 mentioned above, there will be 40% restocking fee and must be   within 20 days of unit purchase.


5. Return of DVDs

   Any opened DVD cannot be returned, unless it has manufacturing or shipping    damage, and is returned within 15 days. In that case, we will not charge shipping for    the second  delivery,  but the shipping charge for the return cannot be refunded.


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