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Sugar Sensitivity and high fructose corn syrup

High Fructose Corn Syrup is the chief ingredient in most sweet foods and drinks in this modern age. 

The fructose from corn syrup makes it several times more sweeter than sugar and is more economical than can sugar and hence is widely used in processed foods.

This has been attributed to a major reason for rise is weight gain and insulin related health effects. 

Artificial Sweeteners are not recommended as there are several reports of effects to the nervous system, autsim etc. Most artificial sweeteners are mostly composed of chemicals and some reports say they do nothing to control sugar spikes.

Alternative sweeteners

First switch from high fructose corn syrup based foods to those with just plain cane sugar

Second consume foods with less of 10gms of sugar.

Third, for use as sweeteners to drinks and foods prepared at home/office use raw unrefined can sugar. If sugar sensitive than use Stevia or Luo Han herb powder / drops. These tend to minimize the sugar peaks and is from natural herb leaf is one of the best options. 


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